Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ASTM E20.02 Progress through 5/2011

WK24610 - E1256 harmonization to IEC terminology
The 2 remaining terms were balloted to agree with IEC terminology. Both passed. The new terminology will appear in ASTM E1256-12. This work item is closed.

WK27665 - Guide for Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers
An initial draft was completed. The document was sent out to a review committee of seven individuals. Comments were considered. It was decided that there would not be enough time to react to all comments to make the current ballot cycle. The major items of concern were discussed in the meeting. The target for the work item to go to subcommittee ballot is 6/5/11.

Manual on the Use of Radiation Thermometers
This work item falls under a different subcommittee. Ray Peacock is heading up this effort.

WK33494 - Five Year Review of E1256
A work item has been started. A review committee will be formed during this cycle.

Sub-committee membership
Membership remains steady at 34 members. Ways to get more involvement are being explored.

Subcommittee Roadmap
WK27665: complete by 11/2012
WK33494: complete by 5/2012
Classification of radiation thermometers standard: 5/2012 to 11/2014
Emissivity standard: 11/2012 to 5/2015
E2758 five year review: 11/2013 to 11/2014

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

E20.02 Update

WK 26410: Harmonizing E1256 terminology with IEC 62942-1

This item was sent to ballot this summer. Each term being changed was balloted separately. There were seven ballot items. Three received negatives. One negative was withdrawn at the November meeting. These five items will be published in an updated standard.

The remaining two items were rewritten to address the negatives and have been sent to ASTM to be reballoted.

WK 27665: Guide for Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers

To this date a scope and outline have been written. In addition, 75 percent of the sections is written.

To Do:
Form a review committee
Complete figures (goal 1/15/11)
Finish writing sections (goal 2/1/11)
Start review (goal 2/5/11)
Complete review and determine ballot readiness (goal 3/5/11)
Send to subcommittee ballot (if ready)

Future Standards

If you see a need for a new guide or standard regarding radiation thermometry or IR thermometry, please contact the subcommittee chairman.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

E20.02 Update 7/14/10

WK 21204
This is now E2758 – 10, “Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Wideband, Low Temperature Infrared Thermometers”. The editor is getting this ready for publishing. Thanks to everybody for their help.

WK 26410
This work item has gone to ballot. There are a total 7 different ballots covering the changes to be made to E1256. Each of the ballots involves harmonizing E1256 to a separate IEC defined term. The IEC standard we are harmonizing to is IEC 62942-1 TS “Industrial process control devices - Radiation thermometers - Part 1: Technical data for radiation thermometers.”

WK 27665
A scope and an outline were discussed in the May meeting. I will be asking for feedback for this standard’s scope sometime in July or August.

Monday, April 5, 2010

WK 27665 Outline

The following is the proposed outline for Guide for Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers. This will be discussed in the May E20 meeting. I would appreciate any feedback, either before the meeting or during the meeting.

1. Scope
2. Referenced Documents
3. Terminology
4. Summary of Test Method
5. Significance and Use
6. Sources of Error
7. Apparatus
8. Preparation of Apparatus
9. Reference Thermometers
10. Sampling
11. Preparation
12. Procedure
13. Calculation
14. Report
15. Uncertainty
16. Keywords

E20.02 Update 4/5/10

It has been a while since I have done an update. There is quite a bit of material to cover.

WK 21204
Standard Guide for the Selection and Use of Wideband, Low Temperature Infrared Thermometers

Since the November meeting in Atlanta, this item was re-balloted in sub-committee. It received 10 affirmatives, 0 negatives and 2 abstentions. It then went to the main committee where it received 18 affirmatives, 0 negatives and 28 abstentions. We will be talking more about this at the May meeting. I would like to thank everybody for their contributions and feedback during this process. This guide will promote better IR and radiation thermometry measurement in the future.

WK 26408

This work item was to update the figures in E1256. The work was done in November. The changes made were strictly cosmetic. Upon talking to ASTM staff, it was determined that these changes did not need to be balloted. Thus, this work item is closed.

WK 26410

This work item determines what terminology in E1256 should be changed to conform to IEC 62942-1. A list of terminology will be discussed during the May meeting in St. Louis.

WK 27665

New Guide for Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers
An outline and scope have been prepared for this guide. More discussion will take place during the meeting in May.

Other News

There are a set of radiation thermometry guides in Germany. They are from VDI (VDI/VDE 3511 Blatt 4). This standard consists of five guides covering various topics relating to radiation thermometry. I am currently in contact with the chair of the technical committee. I would like to determine the usefulness of this material as part of a future standard.

May Meeting

Our May meeting will be in St. Louis. It will be the first subcommittee meeting taking place from 8:15 to 9:15 AM CDT. The meeting will again be held virtually. I would encourage all to attend. The virtual meetings have worked well, and as we get more experience conducting them, they will become even better.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A few new resources

There have been quite a few developments in literature for IR and radiation thermometry. Here is a brief list.

This book was released last month.
Zhang, Z.M., Tsai, B.K., and Machin, G., Radiometric Temperature Measurements, Elsevier Academic Press (2009).
Elsevier has a page with a summary of the contents:

Peter Saunders of MSL in New Zealand has a book availible from SPIE, Radiation Thermometry: Fundamentals and Applications in the Petrochemical Industry.

MSL also has a new technical guide, "MSL Technical Guide 22, Calibration of Low-Temperature Infrared Thermometers".

Then there is a standard from BIPM WG5 on uncertainty budgets for radiation thermometer calibration, "CCT-WG5 on Radiation Thermometry, Uncertainty Budgets for Calibration of Radiation Thermometers below the Silver Point"

ASTM Meeting in Atlanta

We held our meeting on Monday in Atlanta. Here is an update on progress from the E20.02 subcommittee on Radiation Thermometry.

WK21204 - Standard Guide for the Selection and Use of Wideband, Low-temperature Infrared Thermometers

This work item was completed and put up for ballot in September. There was one negative. The reason for the negative will be corrected. Then the work item will be balloted to the subcommittee prior to December 15. This way we will be ready to ballot to the main committee in time for our meeting in May.

E 1256 – 95: Standard Test Method for Radiation Thermometers (Single Waveband Type)

The figures have been updated in this standard. They will be put to ballot shortly.

A second item that will be taken care of is standardizing terminology in this standard with the terminology in IEC standards. Work on this will begin mid-February.

Proposed Work Item - Calibration of Wide-band, Low Temperature Infrared Thermometers

This work item will be submitted at the beginning of January. It will use parts of a BIPM standard and part of a technical guide for the uncertainty portion of this standard.